Gateway Sweepstakes - Gateway Direct Sweepstakes Winner

Madison, Wisconsin 4 comments

I received a letter in the mail from Gateway Direct Sweepstakes, (compenstation drawing) also known as North American Direct Sweepstakes held on January 4, 2008.It had a money order enclosed.

It looked very official including an entry number along with the money order for $3,850.00 made out to me. Also a phone number to contact Barry A Robinson, Vice-Presiden of Global Operations if I had any questions. I deposited it into my checking account, found out it was counterfiet. My bank made me feel like I was a criminal.

They froze my account for 20 days!



I recieved a similar letter on 04/15/2009. I am a firm beliver that when something sounds too good, its more than likely no ..Good; however I will check out its authenticity with Bank


I recieved the same letter 10/2/08 and it was signed by Barry Robinson. Bunch of crooks trying to take advantage of people.

Dutch Flat, California, United States #27599

I got the same letter, 8/9/08, but mine was signed by Chenney A. Robinson.

Coxsackie, New York, United States #12579

just got one in the mail today 5/16/08; will take it to the bank with you're info tommarow. Thank You for posting.

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